BandG chart-plotter ‘Malabar’ Oceanis 45

BandG chart-plotter ‘Malabar’ Oceanis 45

I have long since raved about the current BandG chart-plotter. We already have one fitted to our Hanse 415 ‘Serenity’. The BandG chart-plotter on ‘Malabar’ our Oceanis 45 takes this to the next level with ‘Platinum’ cartography.

Today I received a photo of the plotter on Malabar, our soon to arrive Oceanis 45. Malabar, like most of our yachts, is way beyond vanilla. She has been specced way well above that of a normal ‘bareboat’ charter yacht. The owner’s have bought many options like windlass cockpit remote control  and chain counter, very useful when shorthanded or you cant hear the foredeck crew calling the amount of chain down! Today I wanted to show you just how capable and sexy her B&G  chart plotter is.


Malabar has the 12″ BandG chart-plotter centrally mounted in the cockpit plus two 7″ Zeus BandG chart-plotter repeaters at each helm. These are not just instrument repeaters, but mini chart-plotter screens. In addition she has the platinum cartography which includes the option of 3D charting, ideal when entering a bay to ‘get your bearings’. Probably the easiest way to describe this is by showing some photos.

Helm position on our new 2016 Oceanis 45, with the 7" Zeus chart-plotter repeaters
Helm position on our new 2016 Oceanis 45, with the 7″ B&G Zeus chart-plotter repeaters

Above is the helm repeaters which replicates whatever is displayed on the main BandG chart-plotter screen.

Oceanis 45 'Malabar' BandG chart-plotter in 2D split screen mode
Oceanis 45 ‘Malabar’ BandG chart-plotter in 2D split screen mode

This is the centrally mounted BandG chart-plotter, currently in 2D mode with split screen. These are all user adjustable screens. This shot shows the normal chart screen on the port side and an electronic compass on starboard. It is set to show ‘course up’ contrasting the ‘North up’ display on the chart screen.

Oceanis-45-BandG chart-plotter with platinum cartography
Oceanis 45 ‘Malabar’ BandG chart-plotter with platinum chart

Here the chart-Plotter is in 3D mode showing her anchored position in a bay. You’ll also notice there is an underwater rock to her right, very useful when choosing where to anchor, particularly at night. You can have an autopilot control shown to control the autopilot as well as display what’s currently playing from you phone or tablet device, and of course you can change track and volume etc. or play videos too!


Malabar is currently approaching the Corinth Canal and is scheduled to arrive here in Orhaniye 10 July, naturally we are all very excited.


P.S. Sorry about the B&G spelling, it’s a Google thing!

Follow Serendip’s delivery from Perpignan to Marmaris

‘Serendip’ a 2016 Jeanneau 419 is the first of two new yachts joining Perfect Sailing in 2016. She will be followed by Malabar a brand new Oceanis 45 in July.


There will be slightly varying crew through the delivery, starting with the owner, his friend John and Martin a friend of Charlie who takes over from Ted as skipper in Sardinia following the first leg of the journey.

Below is a Google map of her berth in Perpignan before she departed. The onboard satellite phone will send position information regularly so we can check her progress for crew safety. There are in fact two sat phones onboard so we will see differing pictures depending on which is used. First is from the Iridium system.

Final_Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.27.57

The crew experienced very strong winds and big seas as they escaped south from the Golf de Lion. Serendip proved strong and fortunately nothing broke, quite a shakedown!

Position 2 (from Delorme system)

Final_Screenshot 2016-04-07 13.17.24

Position 3

Final_Screenshot 2016-04-07 18.21.12

Yacht & crew arrived safely at Cagliari at the southern end of Sardinia, ready for the scheduled crew change. After two days of checking, cleaning and first engine service, the new crew arrived and they set sail this Wednesday, we think bound for Palermo or possibly as far as Corfu as the engine service is complete. It all depends on the weather which is forecast as light winds, unfortunately from the East.

serendip position 13:46 14th April 2016

Position we received at 13.46 GMT on the 14th put ‘Serendip’ here.

Serendip position 15 April 2016

‘Serendip”s position 14:05 15th April 2016

Serendip 18-04-2016

Great progress is being made. Here is Serendip’s position at 13.30 UTC today 18th April 2016. She is just approaching the Rion Andirrion suspension bridge.

Rion Andirrion suspension bridge near Patras Greece
Rion Andirrion suspension bridge near Patras Greece

Rios Andirrion suspension bridge

Serendip approaching the bridge, shown on the right.

Corinth & Athens
Corinth & Athens

Well Serendip has had a busy few days. She passed through Corinth Canal then stopped of in Athens for 24 hours. Next stop was an overnight hide out from the strong 30+ knots winds in Nisos Antipaxos (where do they get these names?)

Cyclades & Dodecanese
Cyclades & Dodecanese

An early morning phone conversation about weather strategy decided there was a 24 hour window to move east before even more wind arrived from the Peloponnese in the south west.

Landfall Turkey now in view
Landfall Turkey now in view

Serendip is scheduled to arrive in Turkey this evening (Saturday) and probably arrive in Orhaniye Sunday morning. Once she is here we will get lots more pictures and perhaps a video interview with the crew as John, whilst very experienced, has not done such a long trip before, and deliveries are quite different to cruising as there is a clock attached!