teak deck photo update

Teak deck photo update – with video walk-around

Teak deck photo update.

With just a few days to go before the woodwork on the deck is complete, I thought you might like to see┬áthe┬álatest photographs in this “teak deck photo update”. Most photos are self explanatory, especially when referenced to earlier posts.

Here you get an idea of how many screw holes had to be filled!

Nadine-deck-laying-update_1709 Nadine-deck-laying-update_1707








Nadine-deck-laying-update_1701In the next few days, the woodwork will be finished and a final clean up before caulking will take place. Hopefully we’ll catch the moment before they start caulking the decks. Once the caulk is laid, there’ll be no walking onboard for ten days until it has cured.

Here is a video walk around I did this morning. Just the anchor lid and lazarette hatch to finish then the big clean up. I expect caulking will begin tomorrow. Exciting stuff!